New AX091-OO Ifor Williams Type Trailer in OO

Adam has been working hard recently on a number of new 3D printed products. After perfecting his design for trailer wheels and tyres in OO scale it’s meant he can now focus on a number of different projects that make use of them.

This week it’s the turn of an Ifor Williams style twin axle trailer (part number AX091-OO). The trailer features a multi-part 3D printer body, which we fully assemble here so the models are ready to plant straight on your layout.

As part of the development, Adam has also been looking at tow bars too. These are something that are missing from pretty much every diecast vehicle on the market but of course, if you want to tow a trailer, you’re going to need one! So we’ve popped a couple of different OO scale tow bar designs in with the AX091-OO Twin Axle Trailers.

One is designed to fit most standard Oxford Diecast Transit Vans. The other is designed specifically to fit the Ford Transit Dropside Pickup which they released a month or so ago. They’re really easy to fit and are simply glued in place on the underside of the vehicle.

Anyway, back to the trailers… the models also feature a movable rear tailgate so you can pose them in more realistic ways. Maybe a busy chap unloading a ton of sand for a building project? Maybe top soil for a garden? Carrying temporary traffic lights to a roadworks scene? The choice is yours!

If you’d like one for your layout, you can find out more info and orders yours now here.

Noch Fruit & Vegetable OO / HO Deco Minis Now In Stock

It’s harvest time and what better time for the new range of Fruit & Vegetable Deco Minis from Noch to hit the shelves!

Allotments are everywhere and have been for over 100 years. Most signal boxes and stations even had them and would be lovingly maintained by Station staff and signalmen during quiet periods. Growing your own fruit and veg is also now more popular than ever too, so having at least one veg patch on your Model Railway layout is a bit of a no brainer! With Noch’s new Deco Minis it could be be any easier!

Noch 13215 tomato plants OO / HO scale

The packs cover a wide range of popular varieties including red & white cabbage, pumpkins, tomatoes and cauliflowers, and they’re ready to “plant” straight from the packet. They’re pretty much instant vegetable plots. They even include soil effect bases, so they take just a couple of seconds to install. Just a little blending in to there surroundings is all that’s needed, so they don’t look like they’ve just been plonked there.

As shown in the images above, each one can be used individually and bordered by old sleepers (LX080-OO Railway sleepers would do the trick) or kerb stones (LX135-OO Kerb Stones would be ideal for the job) to blend them in with their surroundings.

So if you fancy a set of two of these to bring a garden or embankment to life you can find them at the following links:

Have you added an allotment to your layout? We’d love to see the photos!

Keep on shunting!


New Items Into Stock 13th September 2018

Lots of new items & restocks arrived this week including the excellent Gaugemaster Self-Adhesive Asphalt Road which comes in two widths: Main road & Country road.

Newsletter – 8th September 2018

Kit-Bashing A Modern Bridge, Hornby Class 87 Review, WWI Convoy, & We Go A Bit Sci-Fi… Plus Our New Site Is Live (Sort of!)

Good Morning <<First Name>>!How’re things? Another week is done… And what a gruelling one it’s been. Some very long hours and a lot of cursing and sighing… but we’ve made some progress. It took a good few days to get all our products on the Scale Model Scenery site categorised and tagged for the product filters. There are still a few that aren’t in the right place but Tina and I were starting to go crosseyed by the time we got near to the end. There’s also still a few products that need their variations adding to them, but I’ll take care of those next week.

So yesterday, we completed the site set up and made the switch over to the new system, and the site is now live! We’re really pleased with the new layout and it’s much much better than the previous one, even from our point of view. But there is a slight snag at the moment… We can’t get PayPal to work as a payment option. It should work, but it’s falling out with the shipping settings. After spending many hours on the phone yesterday it’s being worked on and should be resolved shortly. Trouble is, it’s the weekend and most place support centres are closed until Monday… So it could be a long weekend! Fingers crossed it’ll get resolved though.

So.. (Another so)… for the time being, on the Scale Model Scenery website, please don’t use the PayPal or  Braintree options. They’re there at the moment so they can be tested and hopefully fixed over the weekend. That’s the only trouble with being a small business… we’re at the mercy of e-commerce providers and payment processors who will get around to fixing things as and when they can, but we’re far from a high priority, unfortunately.

Welcome to our new blog & website!

Well it’s been quite a couple of weeks here at Scale Model Scenery! Huge office reorganisation and moving the entire e-commerce site to a brand new platform.

We’re very pleased to announce that the new website is now open for business. There’s still a few little teething issues to sort out with PayPal and a couple of other areas. Hopefully we can get those resolved today. Other than that we’re very pleased with the results. Most notably that the site is now fully mobile compatible, making it quick and easy to locate and order products directly from your phone or tablet.

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