Newsletter – 8th September 2018

Kit-Bashing A Modern Bridge, Hornby Class 87 Review, WWI Convoy, & We Go A Bit Sci-Fi… Plus Our New Site Is Live (Sort of!)

Good Morning <<First Name>>!How’re things? Another week is done… And what a gruelling one it’s been. Some very long hours and a lot of cursing and sighing… but we’ve made some progress. It took a good few days to get all our products on the Scale Model Scenery site categorised and tagged for the product filters. There are still a few that aren’t in the right place but Tina and I were starting to go crosseyed by the time we got near to the end. There’s also still a few products that need their variations adding to them, but I’ll take care of those next week.

So yesterday, we completed the site set up and made the switch over to the new system, and the site is now live! We’re really pleased with the new layout and it’s much much better than the previous one, even from our point of view. But there is a slight snag at the moment… We can’t get PayPal to work as a payment option. It should work, but it’s falling out with the shipping settings. After spending many hours on the phone yesterday it’s being worked on and should be resolved shortly. Trouble is, it’s the weekend and most place support centres are closed until Monday… So it could be a long weekend! Fingers crossed it’ll get resolved though.

So.. (Another so)… for the time being, on the Scale Model Scenery website, please don’t use the PayPal or  Braintree options. They’re there at the moment so they can be tested and hopefully fixed over the weekend. That’s the only trouble with being a small business… we’re at the mercy of e-commerce providers and payment processors who will get around to fixing things as and when they can, but we’re far from a high priority, unfortunately.

Welcome to our new blog & website!

Well it’s been quite a couple of weeks here at Scale Model Scenery! Huge office reorganisation and moving the entire e-commerce site to a brand new platform.

We’re very pleased to announce that the new website is now open for business. There’s still a few little teething issues to sort out with PayPal and a couple of other areas. Hopefully we can get those resolved today. Other than that we’re very pleased with the results. Most notably that the site is now fully mobile compatible, making it quick and easy to locate and order products directly from your phone or tablet.

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