New AX091-OO Ifor Williams Type Trailer in OO

Adam has been working hard recently on a number of new 3D printed products. After perfecting his design for trailer wheels and tyres in OO scale it’s meant he can now focus on a number of different projects that make use of them.

This week it’s the turn of an Ifor Williams style twin axle trailer (part number AX091-OO). The trailer features a multi-part 3D printer body, which we fully assemble here so the models are ready to plant straight on your layout.

As part of the development, Adam has also been looking at tow bars too. These are something that are missing from pretty much every diecast vehicle on the market but of course, if you want to tow a trailer, you’re going to need one! So we’ve popped a couple of different OO scale tow bar designs in with the AX091-OO Twin Axle Trailers.

One is designed to fit most standard Oxford Diecast Transit Vans. The other is designed specifically to fit the Ford Transit Dropside Pickup which they released a month or so ago. They’re really easy to fit and are simply glued in place on the underside of the vehicle.

Anyway, back to the trailers… the models also feature a movable rear tailgate so you can pose them in more realistic ways. Maybe a busy chap unloading a ton of sand for a building project? Maybe top soil for a garden? Carrying temporary traffic lights to a roadworks scene? The choice is yours!

If you’d like one for your layout, you can find out more info and orders yours now here.