Newsletter – 8th September 2018

Kit-Bashing A Modern Bridge, Hornby Class 87 Review, WWI Convoy, & We Go A Bit Sci-Fi… Plus Our New Site Is Live (Sort of!)

Good Morning <<First Name>>!How’re things? Another week is done… And what a gruelling one it’s been. Some very long hours and a lot of cursing and sighing… but we’ve made some progress. It took a good few days to get all our products on the Scale Model Scenery site categorised and tagged for the product filters. There are still a few that aren’t in the right place but Tina and I were starting to go crosseyed by the time we got near to the end. There’s also still a few products that need their variations adding to them, but I’ll take care of those next week.

So yesterday, we completed the site set up and made the switch over to the new system, and the site is now live! We’re really pleased with the new layout and it’s much much better than the previous one, even from our point of view. But there is a slight snag at the moment… We can’t get PayPal to work as a payment option. It should work, but it’s falling out with the shipping settings. After spending many hours on the phone yesterday it’s being worked on and should be resolved shortly. Trouble is, it’s the weekend and most place support centres are closed until Monday… So it could be a long weekend! Fingers crossed it’ll get resolved though.

So.. (Another so)… for the time being, on the Scale Model Scenery website, please don’t use the PayPal or  Braintree options. They’re there at the moment so they can be tested and hopefully fixed over the weekend. That’s the only trouble with being a small business… we’re at the mercy of e-commerce providers and payment processors who will get around to fixing things as and when they can, but we’re far from a high priority, unfortunately.

Anyway… we’re getting there slowly. I just need to take a few deep breaths I think!

Right, let’s get on with some railway stuff then. We start off with some steam action but not on the rails but on the road. Here we join 04Clemea for incredible WW1 Steam Convoy in Dorset. Here’s the video.

Do you feature steam traction engines or military themes on your layout? Send your photos in & we’ll feature them here in the newsletter.

Secrets Of The Glasgow Subway
Next up we join Geoff Marshall for a trip on the underground railway, though this one is in Scotland. Geoff Marshall takes a look in detail at all the stations on Glasgow’s underground. Look out for modern bicycle shelter, you can find our kit here:’s Geoff’s video!
Building A Model Of A Modern Highway Bridge
Over the pond now to join Ron’s Trains & Things. In this video, Ron combines some scratch building with a bit of kitbashing to make a modern road overbridge. See how Ron gets on with this build here.

You can find our download Modern Road Bridge Kit Here:

The pre-printed version of the Modern Road Bridge Kit either call 01530 456 952  or can be found here in our Ebay:

Dean Park Station Video 169 – Hornby Class 87 Review
In this next video, we join Dave of Dean Park Station as he takes a look at the all-new Hornby Class 86 model. Click here to find out what he thinks of this long-awaited model.
Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Kit-Bashing and Scratch-Building!
We’ll finish off today with a look at some scratch building with TV’s MythBusters Adam Savage. Here Adam shows how he works with plasticard to scratch build a Sci-Fi vehicle. But the principles work just as well in the model railway world. See Adam work his magic here in this one day build.

If you scratch build or indeed build our very own kits then check out our range of glues here:

Adding Scenic Details – Picnic Benches
Finally this morning, Iain has been busy building up another one of our kits which is ideal for adding a little detail to a countryside scene, beer garden or back yard on your OO scale layout… The LX028-OO Picnic Benches. They come in a pack of 6, complete with a selection of coloured umbrellas. Click here to see exactly how to build them in Iain’s step by step walkthrough.

Still To Come

Right, that’s about it for this morning. Time for breakfast and a long walk in the rain with Lola while I take a few deep breaths! Next week, we’ll be doing a little more work on the site and then working on several new kits. There’s loads to do that’s for sure. Plus we’re starting to prepare for Warley now too.

Have a brilliant weekend folks. Don’t forget, if you are ordering off the new website, please use the WorldPay option for the time being. Thanks 🙂

And until next week…
Keep on Shunting!

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P.S. Also yesterday, we had a rather large delivery of stock in from our suppliers. Among them was this little lot!